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French Photovoltaic Glass Manufacturer SunPartner Technologies Filed For Bankruptcy

Photovoltaic glass

rench PV glass technology company SunPartner Technologies filed for bankruptcy on January 8 this year.

The company said in a statement that it is looking for buyers for its BIPV (photovoltaic building integration) and IoT applications businesses. The company said that its project received strong support from most shareholders, but failed to raise enough funds at the end of last year. The company's strong IP assets, industrial processes, and the technical expertise and expertise of its technical team can bring great benefits to buyers. The company also claims to have hundreds of project pipelines worth about 20 million euros.

Founded in 2008, SunPartner Technologies has approximately 130 patents covering construction, connectivity and transportation. The company's main investors are Starquest Capital, CPG Finance, Davaniere Capital, PACA Investissement and LAC International.

In October 2017, SunPartner Technologie received a €15 million financing from the European Investment Bank and a manufacturing facility in Rosette. These funds are used to build commercial infrastructure, research and development investments, and further expand capacity.

Among other products, the company has developed a solar window called Horizon D and a solar glass curtain wall called Horizon E. Both products were designed in collaboration with Vinci Construction in 2016 and have signed a cooperation agreement with Avancis, a German BIPV specialist.