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Summary Of Photovoltaic Atypical Problems In The Second Half Of 2018

System design class 

1, 20kw inverter, the module has been installed 24 pieces all the way, one piece is 38.8V, want to install more components, can you? 

A: No, the inverter will report a panel voltage over-high fault when the maximum DC input voltage is exceeded. 

2. If the 60KW inverter is connected to the 80KW component, what effect does it have on the inverter? 

A: 1 If it is a 280Wp component, the 80kW component is 285 boards, almost every inverter To connect 24 components, if the board voltage is raised at a lower temperature, it is possible that a string of 24 strings exceeds the maximum input voltage of the inverter, causing the inverter to report that the PV voltage is too high, affecting its power generation. 

260kW inverter maximum output power is 66kW (Gu Dewei inverter), 80kW components may have more than 66kW when the sun is good, but the inverter AC output is up to 66kW, which leads to inverter Waste of DC power. Therefore, it is necessary to properly match according to the region. 

3. For the case of component shadow occlusion, is there a good solution to reduce the loss? 

A: For the occlusion of the generated components, the effective solution is to add the component optimizer below the occluded components, which can effectively increase the power generation, but can not completely solve the problem. Goodwin has introduced a cost-effective optimizer solution for home use models. 

4, Where is the industrial and commercial grid connection point better? 

A: For self-sufficient, surplus electricity and industrial and commercial low-voltage grid-connected projects, it is recommended that the grid connection point be before the compensation cabinet detection coil. 

5, the inverter's own power generation measurement data and the actual power generation data are in error, how does Goodwin control this aspect? 

A: First of all, Goodwin chose a high-precision voltage and current sensor. The sensor has stable performance and high precision (up to 0.5%), so the measured data is relatively accurate; 

Actual power generation data Generally measured from the meter, in fact, in the application, the meter has a certain distance from the inverter. When the AC cable is too long, the AC cable diameter is too small, the AC cable material and the AC cable are located. When there is a difference in environment, the deviation of power generation may be large. At this time, we should find the cause of the error and control the error within a reasonable deviation to ensure the benefit of the power station. 

6, Is there any way to prevent the PID effect on the component side? Are the conventional components on the market able to protect themselves? 

A: In order to suppress the PID effect, component manufacturers have done a lot of work from materials, structures and other aspects and made some progress; such as anti-PID materials, anti-PID batteries and packaging technology. 

Generally, due to internal and external environmental influences, there is still some attenuation in the first year of the component; but the experiment found that the PID of the component is a reversible process; the inverter manufacturer also has a corresponding anti-PID scheme, through A module that repairs the PID is integrated in the inverter to achieve the corresponding purpose. 

1, how to recharge the traffic? 

A: Update the small solid cloud window app to the latest version, log in to the monitoring account --- find PV --- traffic recharge, in the list you can select the serial number you need to recharge to recharge. 

2, the power station was created, the yellow light is always on, but the monitoring is still offline / What is the reason for no data? 

A: Need to confirm whether the power station has 'add equipment', bind the serial number of the machine, if there is no equipment, the monitoring also shows offline; if it is the first time to establish the power station, confirm that the equipment has been added, the yellow light is always on, please be patient Wait 5-15 minutes, there is a delay in data transmission. 

3, the installer has created a separate account for the owner and built a power station in it, how to see the power station in the dealer account? 

A: Log in to the owner's account, modify the organization code of the power station to the dealer's organization code, so that the owner and the dealer will see the power station at the same time. 

4, involving the secondary dealer account, can you provide the serial number after the customer provides the backend can add the corresponding machine to the account specified by the customer? 

A: The serial number is built into the power station, and the power station can be added to the designated account after the sale. 

Common fault class 

1. When two inverters are used together, there is often a downtime or not working. Why? 

A: Often in the case of single-phase multi-machine parallel, the power quality of the grid is not up to standard, the high impedance under weak grid conditions, the aging of the line will cause the inverter to reduce the output. 


Increase the output cable, because the thicker the cable, the lower the impedance; 

The inverter is close to the grid point, the shorter the cable, the lower the impedance; 

Change the cable resistivity, the copper resistivity It is much smaller than the aluminum wire resistivity, generally using copper wire; 

If the voltage of the agricultural network itself exceeds the grid voltage range of the inverter, the upper limit of the grid voltage of the inverter can be appropriately adjusted. 

2, why does the jump often jump? 

A: (1) The system leakage current is too large, whether the grounding is done 

(2) AC wiring is connected, especially the N line 

(3) Whether the leakage protection is broken, it is recommended to replace the leakage protection 

(4) Leakage leakage current threshold is small, it is recommended to change 30mA to 100mA leakage current 

(5) Leakage of electrical equipment will also lead to leakage protection 

3, PV terminal input voltage is relatively low is what? 

A: The input voltage of the PV terminal is related to the number of components of the string and the intensity of the radiation. When the number of components is relatively small, the voltage of the whole string is relatively small; when the radiation intensity of the sun is small, the input voltage of the PV terminal is small. It is also relatively small, even if the startup voltage is not reached, the inverter cannot be started. 

4, component occlusion, component bypass diode can offset part of it? 

A: The bypass diode of the component can offset a portion. 

The bypass diode structure of the component 

If the components are placed in a vertical row, the current may flow from the bypass diode and the amount of power generated is lower than the horizontal row. 

5, What is the reason why the surge protector in the distribution box below is burnt? It has been used normally before 

A: The reason may be that it was struck by lightning and the surge was broken. 

Install the application class 

1. How much weight should the cement base of the PV power station be? 

A: It is recommended to use a separate cement base that is at least 60*60*60cm. For typhoon, it is recommended to increase the load. 

2, the series voltage of the string is calculated according to the peak power voltage of the component, or is it calculated according to the open circuit voltage? 

A: Generally, according to the open circuit voltage calculation, the maximum open circuit voltage of the component at the local limit temperature is calculated. 

The calculated number of components is the maximum accessible quantity, and the inverter manufacturer sometimes reserves the input path. Number, all the last step is to calculate the over-provision of the inverter with the calculated number of components. 

3, Why does the load power consumption not directly read the reading of the single-phase meter, but use the three-phase meter to subtract? 

A: The load may not be under the same phase meter, or the load may have a single-phase load or a three-phase load. It may also be that the single-phase meter cannot read the upload reading, so use a three-phase meter to reduce the request. . The problem still depends on the specific application scenario. 

4, To build a photovoltaic project on the rocky slope, because the rock is not hard, every inverter machine is grounded for grounding. Is there a safer and more effective grounding method? 

A: For projects made on rock or yellow land, the grounding hole of the inverter can be grounded on the photovoltaic support; at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the grounding distance of the bracket and the anti-direct lightning strike grounding distance meet the requirements. 

5, components, inverters, EPC to the power supply bureau for the power distribution cabinet standard? 

A: The requirements for power distribution cabinets in different regions are not consistent. In many sites, self-resetting over-voltage and under-voltage protectors have been installed in the power distribution cabinets. However, the installation companies have not tried to reduce the operation and maintenance problems in the future. In the undervoltage protector access line, this problem requires a clear description of the power standard. 

6, What is the voltage range of the safety regulator of the inverter? What is the value? 

A: China standard pressure: 180V~242V, China standard higher pressure: 110~264V, China standard highest pressure: 110~280V.