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The Indian Government Once Again Calls On Foreign Manufacturers To Build Factories

Most of the cells and components used in the Indian PV project are imported from China and Malaysia – the Indian Solar Corporation (SECI) has conducted a grand tender for the ability to build 5 GW of capacity on Indian soil. But the results were heart-rending, and only Delhi-based developer Azure Power participated in the bidding, with only 600 MW of capacity being claimed. 

After the disappointing results of the highly anticipated national PV project and capacity tender, the Indian government began a new round of attempts to attract foreign solar manufacturers. 

November 3, the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology Central Electronics Co., Ltd. issued an appeal to express interest and foreign solar manufacturers said to establish a production line through joint ventures with Indian companies. 

This file looks similar to the letter of intent issued by the state-owned agency in June under the government's Make in India program. The federal government seeks to establish a domestic solar supply chain, requiring interested companies to describe their experience in polysilicon, ingot and wafer production and to ask if they are interested in bringing these businesses to India. 

This document does not have a deadline for submitting a letter of intent, that is to say, it will express its willingness to cooperate with foreign manufacturers for a long time. 

Will the latest move revitalize India's photovoltaic manufacturing industry? This issue is left to the time.