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Solar Power Will Increase By 65 Times. We Are Flying To A New Energy Era.

 Although Trump has always wanted to preserve the interests of the gold lords behind it, a simple and clear fact is in front of the fact that coal resources cannot keep up with the changes in the energy landscape of the 21st century, and even fail to meet the renewables in the Trump cabinet. Energy policy. The US Department of Energy recently said that on the issue of the resilience of key infrastructure, solar energy has defeated coal resources and has gradually become the focus of development. 

In order to solve the emergency power supply problem of critical infrastructure, the US Department of Energy invested US$46 million to build a solar-based energy storage system. They believe that this is the most effective means of ensuring the continued functioning of critical infrastructure. At the same time, the US military intends to use renewable energy as a means of improving the energy security of its facilities in order to ensure the resilience of military facilities. 

Recently, 216 mayors representing 50 states have signed a document to support the deployment of more solar facilities. This means that public utility contracts in various states of the United States will accelerate the adoption of solar energy facilities. On the other hand, as the cost of solar panels drops rapidly, the means of storing energy will become more and more economically attractive, thus enabling more governments and utilities to expand their use of solar energy. 

According to the US Energy Information Administration EIA, in the first half of this year, the US non-hydro renewable energy, both in production and consumption, has set a new record in history. Among them, the increase in solar energy production was the highest year-on-year, an increase of 25.4%. 

The performance of the data is gratifying, but in terms of absolute quantity, there is still huge room for development of solar power. Recall that a decade ago, solar power generation was insignificant, and even if it has been developed to date, it accounts for only 1% of global power generation. What will happen in the future? DNV GL recently released a report called '2018 Energy Transformation Outlook', which mentions that by 2050, solar power will increase by 65 times and become one of the world's largest sources of energy. 

The development trend of solar energy in the United States is becoming more and more clear, and other countries are expected to continue to follow up. If all goes well, the future energy pattern will become more and more beautiful. Some enterprises in the solar energy industry chain are also expected to usher in a golden development opportunity, and it is worthwhile to explore the investment opportunities.