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Turkey's Registered PV Installed Capacity Has Accumulated 5GW

According to the latest statistics released by the Turkish state-owned grid operator TEIAS, as of the end of November 2018, Turkey's cumulative registered PV capacity has reached 5 GW (AC).

Based on these data, in the first 11 months of this year, grid operators registered 1,581 megawatts of photovoltaic systems, of which 1,518 megawatts for a single project of no more than 1 megawatt, and the remaining 63 megawatts for large-scale construction permits. The project will be licensed according to the national government's external bidding.

Most of the capacity was registered in the first quarter of this year, when the official statistics of TEIA? included 1,170 MW of new projects. In November, the newly registered photovoltaic power generation capacity reached 78.8 MW.

Overall, the unlicensed small solar park still accounts for the vast majority of Turkey's total photovoltaic capacity, which is about 4.92 GW, while the solar park with a capacity of more than 1 MW only accounts for 81.7 MW.

However, not all 5 GW of accumulated capacity may be connected to the Turkish grid. In fact, several experts in the Turkish solar industry in the past few months have questioned the grid operators' own data, some of whom claim that some projects may be just registered but not connected to the grid.

The Turkish solar industry association TEIA? and Günder countered that 5GW stands for solar arrays.

Günder recently released a new solar map that predicts that Turkey's cumulative solar PV capacity will reach approximately 14 GW in 2023. Another report from the Shura Energy Transformation Center in Turkey predicts that solar power capacity will reach 30 GW after the next decade.