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India's Trade War Alert Rang Photovoltaic Prices Increased Uncertainty

solar panels standing rock

Different from  the anti-dumping investigation that was under investigation, another  photovoltaic trade war has recently started in India: India's General  Administration of Safeguards proposed a few days ago 70% of photovoltaic  cell products and components in China and its countries in Malaysia, Temporary  relief tax, a move that has made the first quarter, with India and  Japan as their main demand support even more uncertain.

solar panels standing rock

At  present, the central government of India has not yet announced the  final ruling time, but in any case, there is no doubt that another  business opportunity has emerged for the production capacity of Vietnam,  Thailand and other countries that have been ruled out. Before  India's provisional safeguard measures tax fell to the ground, the  overall supply chain price still fluctuated with the supply and demand  of the market. The pressure from the component end-weaker downstream  demand has been transmitted to the solar cell so that this week's  domestic solar cell prices also fell.

Silicon material

Silicon  material is still showing a more tense situation, the recent high of  153-157 yuan per kg stabilized, overseas silicon material is still  rising with the domestic silicon material, but the manufacturing cost  much higher than the domestic manufacturers of overseas silicon  unbearable silicon material prices Rising, although the overseas silicon material is still rising this week, but the situation has seen the price of sawing.


Longji,  Central, the two major high-end price is still upscale at 5.4 yuan per  tablet, 0.725 dollars around the level of the United States, while small  and medium-sized monocrystalline silicon plant inventory falls after  the end of the fall, the price is difficult to rise back to the original  water level, the recent low Maintained at 5.1 - 5.3 yuan per piece, 0.7 - 0.71 yuan US dollars. 190μm because the volume is very low, each offer generally higher than 180μm0.015-0.02 dollars. Currently, the high cost of single-crystal products to the demand and  price of silicon has temporarily stabilized, but the off-season is  approaching, the apparent return to single-crystal products still need  time brewing.

solar panels standing rock

Polycrystalline silicon wire wafer supply is still rising month by  month, but overall supply in the market is still slightly tense  circumstances, the price of polycrystalline silicon is still relatively  stable this week held steady at 4.5 - 4.65 yuan per piece, 0.64 yuan  overseas.


Polycrystalline  cells began to feel the price pressure this week, the new  polycrystalline cell orders mostly negotiated at 1.65 yuan per watt, and  most of the cell manufacturers are still feeling the pressure of  inefficient products. Difficult to find customers , 18.2-18.4% conversion efficiency polycrystalline cell prices plummeted quickly.

Conventional  single crystal, single crystal PERC cell volume is still relatively  small, but the decline has slowed, the recent price is not much  difference with the end of last month, the overseas single crystal PERC  cell is dropping again, the price came 0.24 yuan per watt Dollar or so.


Reduced  domestic demand for single and poly components prices continue to  plummet, the domestic conventional component prices generally fell  between 2.65 - 2.68 yuan per watt, and the decline continued. Since February and March will be the lightest demand points in the  first half of this year, it seems that the manufacturer's power reserve  before year-end will not be too strong.

solar panels standing rock

In  addition, India in addition to the previous anti-dumping investigations  already in progress, the proposal to impose 70% tax rate of provisional  protection measures is imminent. PV  InfoLink customs data from January to November this year, China's  domestic exports to India more than 8.1GW components, cells are close to  1.1GW, respectively, the components and cell exports accounted for  31.6%, 35.8%, and in India last year's traditional season From  February to March, the export volume of domestic components to India of  1.2-1.3GW in a single month has emerged as a major support for the  demand after the Lunar New Year last year. If the Indian temporary  safeguards tax is introduced in the near future, it will make the demand  from February to March Smaller than expected, the price plunge will also be more intense.

solar panels standing rock