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Gas Shortage Sweeping The World Coal To Electricity Face Difficulties

On  December 12, according to the Austrian state television station, the  Baumgarten Gas Center in eastern Austria, near the Slovakian border,  exploded and caught fire on the morning of the 12th, killing one person  and injuring 60 others. After the accident, Italy announced that the country's natural gas  supply into a "state of emergency", the European natural gas prices rose  sharply.

The wholesale price of natural gas in Italy rose 150% to 60 euros (about 466.8 yuan) per megawatt hour. Although  Italy has expressed its concern, the situation will be under control  due to its own natural gas reserves. The Italian Minister of Industry  said that the country must solve the serious problem of energy supply. Britain  is the largest natural gas market in Europe with the price of natural  gas for immediate delivery in the UK up 35% to their highest level in  four years. British emergency, Italy emergency!

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Winter  approaching, a "gas shortage" has swept across China, sweeping Europe,  and then all over the world, soaring heating costs, warmth can not be  guaranteed. Clean  energy alternative is imperative, "coal to gas" has encountered  numerous difficulties, many people in the industry have thought of "coal  to electricity", then "coal to electricity" can carry big still, keep  our "blue sky warm" ?

For the "coal to electricity" industry experts how to treat

A practitioner engaged in the clean energy alternative to "coal to electricity" for many years:

★ Speaking of alternative energy sources, devaluation of energy,  electricity has other natural energy sources do not have the inherent  advantages.

❖ One is cleanliness - the innate use of cleanliness of the terminal zero emissions. All sorts of other energy sources either emit carbon or emit nitrogen, either row sulfur or even some "poisonous".

❖ Second, safety - unparalleled user-level protection on the millisecond level. Electricity neither explosion nor poisoning, as the risk of electric  shock, electric shock protection can be completed in dozens of  milliseconds.

❖ Third, convenient - blessed with the convenience of conversion control. One press switch, everything is ready. No matter what kind of electrical appliances, the size of strength control can also be remote control operation.

❖ Fourth, Almighty - unmatched alternative to other energy sources. With enough electricity to power all kinds of equipment and tools that  make and live your life, none of the other energies are so versatile.

But "coal to electricity" will not be expensive? We calculate from the "economy" of electricity.

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In  the general impression, whether it is investment in construction or use  of electricity, electric heating will be higher than other forms of  heating, and the government will face more pressure for financial  subsidies. This impression is true if only a simple direct comparison is made. However, the impression is one-sided if the comprehensive and  comprehensive analysis is conducted. The "high" investment in electric  heating is reasonable and will bring higher returns.

❖ First, high returns on environmental benefits. Due to the zero-emission characteristics of electricity, it is  fundamentally possible to completely exempt the capital from investing  in the management of the environment and clean the atmosphere.

❖ Second, high returns on scale benefits. On  the supply side, of course, the conversion of electric energy from  primary energy to secondary energy will certainly produce emissions.  Because it is a centralized and large-scale production, both the energy  use efficiency and the emission control efficiency should be far  superior to the decentralized consumption of other energy sources .

❖ Third, to avoid the high return of the intermediate links. The use of electric heating, electricity from the production plant  direct access to the terminal, there is no intermediate links, do not  need road transport logistics and distribution, does not require  pressure vessel storage and storage, to avoid many risks.

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❖ Fourthly, it benefits the people's livelihood. As  an infrastructure related to economic and livelihood, after the power  grid construction and renovation are completed, the load level of each  household can reach 6-9kW. Not only can we meet various energy needs for life, but also meet the  needs of small-scale production in rural areas, make rural  electrification a reality, and promote farmers' prosperity and quality  of life.

❖ Fifth, the high return on the sustainable development of local economy. At  present, most of the energy suppliers in the field of terminal  consumption are local state-owned enterprises, and the only energy  source is the central government. According  to the division of responsibilities, large-scale investment from  central SOEs in local governments can be obtained if electricity is  used, which can greatly relieve the pressure on local governments to  invest directly. Moreover, with the electric heating come from the power grid  construction and upgrading will bring strong economic power for local  economic development.

❖  Electrical energy is a secondary energy that is converted from a  variety of other energy sources (coal, water, wind, light, nuclear,  etc.). While  enjoying the various conveniences of electric energy, the cost of  primary and secondary energy conversion must be borne and worthwhile. For  the local government that is the main body of environmental governance,  investment in construction and subsidies for the use of coal instead of  heating coal is indeed a very large expenditure. However, when this  expenditure is a livelihood task that must be expensed, input-output  must be taken into consideration The price.

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