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China's PV Modules Overseas Exports 29GW In The First Three Quarters Of 2018, Mexico's PV Market Shipments Increased By 229%

In the first three quarters of 2018, China's overseas PV module shipments reached 29 GW, an increase of 48% from 19.6 GW last year. From the top ten overseas exporting countries, India is still China's largest PV module export market, but shipments are significantly lower than last year. Shipments to Japan are basically the same as last year.

 Mexico's shipments in the first three quarters increased by 229%. Become China's third largest export market for overseas PV modules. Ukraine and Egypt have launched large-scale power station projects this year and have also entered the top ten markets.

TOP 5 Export Market 

1. India Market 

Affected by policy changes, China’s exports to the Indian market did not perform as good as last year’s fiscal year (January-March), and then continued to be low, only There was a small pull before the implementation of the Safeguard policy in July, and it is now back to low. 

2. Japanese Market Analysis 

China's exports of photovoltaic modules to Japan as a whole are in a steady upward trend. Due to better economy, shipments in the first three quarters of this year were 3.85GW, an increase of 3% over the same period last year. 

3. Mexico Market Analysis 

With the commencement of the large-scale ground power station project tendered in 2016-2017, China's shipments to Mexico increased by 229% year-on-year to 3.2GW in the first three quarters of this year. With the cancellation of 15% import tariffs on photovoltaic modules in June this year, shipments are expected to increase further. 

4. Australian Market Analysis 

3.2GW was shipped to Australia in the first three quarters of this year, up 162% year-on-year. Driven by both large and rooftop projects, the Australian PV market has been strong since last year. 

5. Brazil Market Analysis 

The Brazilian market is also affected by large-scale projects. In the first three quarters of this year, China exported 1.3GW of PV modules to the country, up 45% year-on-year. The Brazilian government plans to increase the installed capacity of photovoltaics to 7GW by 2024. 791MW and 1GW PV projects were auctioned in December last year and April this year, which may make China's shipments to the market continue to increase in the future.